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It is an impregnable challenge to work in four different media of art concurrently and still maintain relatively the same high standard and quality in all of them. The advantage in this though, is that they function like brothers and sisters from the same family. My experience in one helps develop outstanding techniques in the others. Sketching, drawing, and draftsmanship are basic in my art, and I know for sure that no amount of coloring, painting or glazing can improve the quality of a wrongly executed basic form. I have been exploring oil paintings on canvas, permanent wall tile murals, experimental and traditional ceramics, and portraits for about three decades. My sole aim is to capture the beauty of nature and freeze it for eternity. I communicate with my art pieces in a world known to me only and they are my main source of joy and happiness everyday of my life.

My oil paintings are one of a kind stories conceived through lifetime experience, dreams, discussions, observation of human profiles and the constant search to create something out of nothing. I believe in timelessness and freedom of themes explored to conjure warmth and an aura of tropical colors, that embrace well manicured draftsmanship of pictorial elements placed in cascading spaces bathed in diffused light. Emerging and vanishing to infinity, pictorial elements in gestured poses are typical of my presentation of these unique stories. Most of my paintings cannot be understood just within a glance rather, it requires deeper thinking to unravel the true story. Some buyers have kept on discovering new objects even after living with my paintings for five years or more. That is intriguing. The basic message in my paintings however is focused on love, tolerance and mutual respect for fellow human beings to enhance a reasonable co-existence. Oil on canvas, showing a dream-world, full of colors flushing an organic structure. This is layering style of painting.

It is quite exciting for me to be able to do both experimental and traditional ceramics concurrently well. The clay is an amazing material I love to manipulate and unleash realistic or abstract forms from it. It enables me to explore various themes. The fact that I am capable of creating any type of mold makes it possible for me to decrease the weight of my created objects when necessary. When an image is uncovered from clay, prepared and fired; I then feel it is time to dress it up just like we humans wear our favorite dresses when going out to very important occasions. I always love to look out for the right glaze and color for a particular form in order to make it exquisitely attractive. I am an advocate of flamboyant colors on properly designed forms. In this medium I sculpt three-dimensional figures, throw the wheel and produce lots of convex and concave bas-relief objects. These are glazed clay sculptures placed together in a glazed fish-shaped plate. I produced a mold of the little frog to enable me experiment glazing in various type of glazes and invariably make the weight of the sculpted object adjustable to my taste. I do both experimental and traditional ceramics.

Painting murals on walls has always fascinated me, but painting on wall tiles, firing them in a kiln and making the glaze stay permanently has been a challenge. Thanks to my long experience with oil painting, I can express myself in this medium just as well as I do oil on canvas, and there is no limit to the themes I can work on. There is also no size or topic limit. This art form can be used in bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, hallways, lobbies, facades and swimming pools. With great pleasure I translate concepts into visual images in mural form. Oil pigments painted on white tiles and glaze-fired in a kiln to make it permanent. Wall-tile murals could be used on facades, lobbies, hallways, kitchen backsplash and swimming pools. I can work on unlimited themes and topics.

Portraiture for me is the ability to present peoples’ personalities inside out on a painted surface or sculpted. I always communicate with my clients for portraits in order to familiarize myself with who they really are. I produce portraits from life drawings or existing pictures depending on my client’s preference. My major concern in this area is to surprise my client with a striking resemblance and a close portrayal of the person’s character on canvas or clay. It is purely and absolutely representational. Oil on canvas. This portrait was painted in colors from an old black and white picture, by order. It shows both a striking resemblance and character. I do unlimited portrait painting or drawing, going from the bust to the whole human body. Single person or multiple. I create portraits in various media.