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“I love people and the world that surrounds us all. My canvasses are my desert, which I fill with live and love,” says Billy Moro-Wey, a Nigerian who lived in Poland for 15 years.

The walls of the ballet center have been covered with Billy Moro-Wey’s paintings, thanks to the efforts of Stamford’s Polish art curator Marta Medyna. The artist has adapted many topics associated with Africa and Europe, treating them in an original literary and artistic way. Anyone who loves painting will doubtless see his excellent technique, thanks to which the artist can express anything. In his works, the colors of human goodness and the love of the world are unfading.

“I encountered his painting for the first time at an exhibition at the Polish Consulate in New York. I was fascinated with his work and the personality of a Polish painter from Nigeria. I had already decided then that as soon as an opportunity came up, I would see to it that his work was displayed at the Stamford community,” recalls Marta Medyna.

Just your first encounter with Billy Moro-Wey’s works evokes enthusiasm. They emanate the power of an authentic, spontaneous and sensual element of painting, stripped of any symbols of doubt in optimism, which is probably the result of the total fulfillment of his artistic predestination.
“If you love what you do, then you do it well,” says Billy. “I devote all my free time to being creative.”

Moro-Wey started medical school in Nigeria just to fulfill his parents’ wishes. But he stopped after just a year and went to Poland, because his calling, as he says, has been to create fine art.

Billy recalls: “My friend who has studied in Poland talked me into starting school there. I went there on a student exchange program. My visit was supposed to be for one year, but it got drawn out to 15 years.”

At the urging of Prof. Tadeusz Brzozowski, he began his studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Poznan. In 1983, he completed majors in painting, drawing and ceramics. He obtained a Masters Degree cum Laude. He settled in the US 8 years ago.

Billy Moro-Wey’s painting is known in many galleries and private collections worldwide. He’s got many group and individual shows under his belt. He’s an artist who cares first and foremost about the clarity of getting his vision across. He works like a first-rate director. Using components of reality and arranging them as appropriate in those places of the action that evoke emotion and rouse serious reflections.

The composition of his paintings is sophisticated and carefully thought out. On one hand, the paintings display the artist’s background and graphic technique, while on the other, they emanate the inner light and warmth of humanism.